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Best Price On Cricut Machine Deals

Discount Cricut cartridges and Cricut project ideas Cricut machines in stock ready to ship Bundle cartridges and accessories for best price Sale ends soon
Mar 1 '14

See what other Cricut machine users are saying about the new Cricut for dummies book

Mar 1 '14
Need help getting your Cricut machine to make those fantastic cuts? Check out the new Cricut book for dummies.

Need help getting your Cricut machine to make those fantastic cuts? Check out the new Cricut book for dummies.

Aug 7 '10

Cricut how to learn Design Studio the fast and easy way, get help! Step by step instructions and video tutorials end the frustration in learning the Cricut Design studio.

It’s always easier to watch someone and then do it yourself. The Cricut software does not come with a detailed instruction manual. You are left on your own to learn how to use the Design Studio for Cricut. Thank goodness there is help.

Watch the video then click the link to learn more about the 2 teaching aids.

Jul 24 '10

Cricut Design Studio Software Ideas That Make Money

After all crafting can be expensive, you now have a way to help pay for you hobby. to learn how to make money just follow the link.

So you have mastered the Cricut Design Studio software, you are an expert crafter, your scrap booking talents are legendary, now what? Why not put you skills to work for you.

Make money with Cricut Design Studio software

Jul 10 '10

Cricut Books For Greeting Cards And Scrapbooking

cricut bookNeed a little help and inspiration when it comes to Cricut projects? Create stunning greeting cards and scrapbook page layouts with these Cricut books. This Cricut book for greeting cards is filled with easy to follow instructions. Read the reviews and see what other card makers are saying about this fun book.

cricut books Get help with 36 scrapbooking page layouts and projects using your Cricket cutter.Step by step instructions guides you through beginning to advanced techniques. Never be stuck for Cricut ideas again with these Cricut books!

May 27 '10

You do not need to be a professional caterer to make a few extra bucks in the kitchen. With the Cricut Cake machine turning desserts into cash is oh so sweet!
It’s one of the easiest cake decorating tools around. You can turn edible cake decorations into a fun profitable hobby.

May 27 '10
May 27 '10
Jan 15 '10

Cricut Gypsy Provo Craft FAQ’S And Instruction Guide

I guess the people at the Provo Craft company think all crafters
are genius. A common problem is the lack of comprehensive
product guides, until now.  Fortunately a step by step user manual
for the Cricut Design Studio and Cricut Gypsy are now available.

1. Can I Share Files between Cricut Design Studio and the Gypsy?
Yes. Both are compatible with each other.

2. Does the Gypsy come with any cartridges?
Yes, two, Gypsy Font and Gypsy Wanderings. They come preloaded
on the software, the physical cartidges are not included.

3. How many cartridges will the Gypsy hold?
The Gypsy can store up to 7,000 cartridges and up to 10,000 of
your own custom projects.

4. Does the Gypsy come preloaded with previews of the cartridges?
Yes. While the Gypsy will contain all cartridges and allow you
to design with them, you will be able to cut with only those
cartridges you have purchased and linked to your Gypsy.

5. How do I link cartridges to the Gypsy?
Linking is simple and needs to be done only once per cartridge.
Using the Cartridge Link Cable that comes with Gypsy, connect
your cartridges to the Gypsy one at a time and link them to
the Gypsy. The act of linking allows you to cut all the artwork
from linked cartridges from your Gypsy without having to connect
the cartridge again to the Gypsy or your Cricket cutter. It
also allows you to cut the cartridge’s content on a Cricut
machine without the cartridge being present.

6. Is the Gypsy compatible with all Cricut machines?
Yes. Before you can cut your design, you will need to connect
the Gypsy to your Cricut machine. Use the connector cable
that came with the Gypsy. Plug the cable into the USB port on
the back of your cutter and the other end of the cable into
the top of the Gypsy.

Once you have linked the necessary cartridges to the Gypsy and
connected the Gypsy to your Cricut cutter you are ready to begin cutting.

Jan 1 '10

Best Buy Cricut Expressions Bundle

Here is another Cricut Expressions bundle that includes cartridges, software, supplies and tools. The Cricut Expression machine is an exciting new way to cut shapes, letters and phrases in impressive sizes. You can cut any size die cut ideal for make your own greeting cards, posters, wall letters, decals, wallie embellishments, signs, labels, scrap booking, etch glass, vinyl and fabrics, home décor, school projects and advertisements for any business.

Five Cricut Cartridge Bundle
Besides the two cartridges that come with the machine you get these            three extra cartridges.
Plantin Schoolbook font cartridge
Accent Essentials Shape cartridge
Paper Dolls Dress Up cartridge
Dreams Come True cartridge
Graphically Speaking cartridge

Cricut Jukebox
Scrapbooking just became easier than ever with the Cricut Jukebox a welcome addition to the Cricut product line. The jukebox connects directly to your Cricut Expression machine and allows you to scrapbook with as many cartridges as you want without having to switch them out individually. Worry free just insert each cartridge into the Jukebox. Great for storage too.

Cricut Design Studio

What you see is what you cut just with the simple click of a mouse. Take your creativity to a new level with the Cricut Design Studio. Open the door to exciting, untapped creative possibilities for so many projects school homework, scrap booking, home décor, card making, signage  to name a just a few. Virtually any project your imagination can create. See everything from your personal computer. (software includes a bonus USB cable and mouse pad)

Cricut tool Kit and Spatula
Scoop Tool (works much like a spoon to lift cut pieces from the mat)
Knife Tool (a sharp edge for sliding under paper)
Hook Tool (removes small circles of paper and removes small holes)
Scraper (scrapes off and cleans entire mat from any leftover paper scraps)
Bone Folder ( scores paper, creases paper, and marks paper)

1 12”X24” Mat  
2 Rolls of Black Vinyl  
2  Rolls  of White Vinyl  
2 Rolls of Vinyl Tape

One Cricut Cardstock Pad of Basic Brights – 12”x 24”